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How to Care for Prints

Dear fellow art lovers,

I'm often asked by busy customers how to look after their prints once they've bought them.

Prints are a great way to enjoy art for not a lot of money, and cared for properly a print will look just as good decades down the line as it does today.

Advances in technology have meant that inks and paper are much more stable than they used to be.
This doesn't mean that you can mistreat your print any more than you could before, but it does mean that given good conditions it will last longer.

There are four main enemies out there, dust and rogue particles, light, moisture and bad chemicals, and of course the aim is to avoid these.
Care should involve:
Protecting behind glass.Avoiding direct sunlight.Not keeping your print in the kitchen or bathroom or any other steamy atmosphere.Ensuring the surfaces that are in direct contact with your print are acid free. Most modern framing materials will be. Check recycled frames. Old hardboard can be a problem.Choose a fr…

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