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New Paintings

It takes me a long time after I've finished a painting before I share it.
Of course it needs to dry. Then I look at it, think about it, perhaps add something, sometimes turn it to the wall in panic. It all eats up the days.
So now I want to share with you two paintings that have been "on the go" since the middle of last year.
The paddling part of this was inspired by the group with the dog on the edge of the beach at Southwold. I was on the pier and felt as though I was rushing out to sea as the waves washed forward onto the sand.

The second painting is of a boy trying to make his way over the pebbles but being handicapped by the dog snuffling at his feet. I did rather distort the colours on this  but then, what is real?
If you'd like to see more of this series of paintings visit my newly spruced up website at

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