Monday, 5 October 2015

Look What I've Found.

In the depths of my computer I found this. File/old computer/New Work 2011.
Mary Kemp. Man and Boy.
Oil on box canvas 30 x 30 cm.

I know I have the original somewhere although I might have painted over it.
I quite like this, even if it's not very commercial. The man is my son in a tatty old fleece running after one of his sons heading out to sea.
For me there are several interesting things about this painting. Firstly it's a moment in time, long gone. The boy is so much bigger now, and they wouldn't be alone. The dog would have got in on the act. And secondly I quite like the coloured ground I've used, looks orange, and the way the blue stands out and the figures spring to life because of it. Lately I've been using a paler ground. Perhaps it's time to go darker.
There's also a nice feeling of movement about it, but I do think the figures need to be anchored to the ground more.
Perhaps if I find it I'll fix it, put in shadows as well as reflections.
Now then, I wonder what else is in that file.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Watercolour Painting Recipe Using Dr Ph.Martin's Hydrus Watercolour.

All of a sudden I've had the urge to paint with watercolour. It comes over me every so often although my first love is oil paints.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Watercolour Painting. Boats in the Harbour.

I painted this watercolour a couple of years ago. It has since found a new home in the USA, and I was pleased that someone liked it as much as I did.
Mary Kemp. Boats in the Harbour.
10" x 10" watercolour.

I loved the form and rich colour of the boats when I saw them safely moored up.
It's of Blakeney harbour in Norfolk, a place I've drawn and painted many times.
Last time I was there I had a very interesting conversation with a mother with her toddler (you get to talk to a lot of people when you sketch outside) about how the habour was run. Apparently it's a very rare beast, a free harbour and any one can moor their boat there and not pay anything. This is a little creek that fills up fast when the tide comes in. The marshes are to the right full of birds swooping above the water and crying to each other. It's a peaceful place to be.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Epson Stylus Photo PX73OWD Printer!!!

Have I written about my Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD printer before?
Don't get me wrong, it produces lovely prints, real top quality classy prints, probably at an exorbitant price if I could only work out cost per print.
But the ...thing has a mind of it's own.
My Beautiful Bicycle.
Lovely print. Great reproduction.

It's always been a bit funny about printing stuff via wi fi. Of course there's no connecting cable from the computer so if it's on an off wi fi day it's via a flash drive, and that's fine for images but a word document doesn't register at all.
However one of the advantages of  using the flash drive is that I can print sheets of different images where as from the computer that doesn't seem possible.
And I have spent an awful lot of today trying to print a packing slip and it has made me very cross! In the end I used my husband's computer.
Oh this digital life!!! Will I ever master it?
And would you believe, the next time I went to print with it it worked perfectly. Grrr!!!!!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Painting on the Easel. An Update.

This painting has been on the easel for a long time.
Oil painting in progress.
Mary Kemp.
Well not really on the easel, more hanging around the studio. I've been trying to resolve the right hand area of the composition because I felt it needed to be empty but not in a nothing sort of way.
After a bit of work on it yesterday I looked at it this morning and it felt complete.
The inspiration for this painting was a photo I came across of the great Barbara Hepworth at the beginning of her career caught looking out to sea.
The pose spoke of that excitement when all is possible, the world and life is laid out before you just for the taking and you are poised to dive in.
So I persuaded my granddaughter to model for me. She is fast growing and quicker than we know will be at that exciting time of her life.
I think I've finished it now. 
I wonder if this painting will still be around when she's my age.
Here's the link to the first post I made of this painting.
Now all I need is a title.