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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Apple Trees in the Winter - Proposed Painting.

I looked down from the upstairs window and saw the low sun through the apple trees. It was all golden and earthy. I felt a painting eager to see the light of day.
I have my piece of board ( primed MDF ) at the ready, the drawing is done, Thursday morning in the sunshine, and the idea is fizzing round my head. I want to get on with it. Blow the unfinished paintings of the seaside , the dishes, food. I want to get on and paint.
Mary Kemp - Drawings for "Apples Trees in the Winter"
Step One: Plan the painting, placing the various components, determine tone and colour.
Step Two: Draw the shapes roughly on the board.
Step Three: Underpainting.
I will keep you informed.
This is going to be bigger than my usual 12 x 12 inch so it may take some time!

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