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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Illustrator's Figure Reference Manual.

Some art books are decorative, some can be works of art themselves, but this book, first published in the 1980's is just plain useful. I think you can still get it on Amazon.
It has very few words, and comes with not a syllable of instruction except that you can copy the pictures to your heart's delight.
It's full of pictures. My kind of book really. It takes a number of poses  and photographs each one from every angle and elevation. Some of the characters have the weirdest costumes and it looks horribly dated, but it certainly comes in very handy when you need some figure reference in your art.
It is said the great Jack Vettriano used it for "The Singing Butler" and you can certainly identify some pictures in it.
All the images are there for any artist to use, no copyright involved, and whilst I haven't cribbed directly I've found it very useful on several occasions.
And while I'm thinking about that it does occur to me that a computer programme must be possible to show a figure in any pose. Or has it been done already? Now there's a thought.

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