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Thursday, 13 February 2014

PS Touch. Secrets Revealed.

Mary Kemp. Cliffs at Moher, Northern Ireland.
When I bought my all singing and dancing Galaxy Note 10 inch tablet with a stylus and loads of battery life, rubbish for doing any serious typing but apparently the tablet for artists, I was only interested in the Sketch programme it came with.
But of course as time went by and I explored more, spoke to other people, notably Jill Ray of Jill Ray Landscapes, I realised there was more it could do. And I discovered PS Touch, a photoshop variant for tablets. I am not a graphic artist and as far as computers are concerned I've learnt as I've gone along. So I was pleased to get a few timely words that helped me build up pictures in photoshop and I now fully understand the secret of layers.
I think the effect is a bit like a screen print . I'm sure there's a whole new journey to discover, but on the whole I'm quite pleased.

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