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Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday Painting. The Blakeney Hotel at Night.

When you read this I shall be on holiday for a few days, on a painting trip with some chums.

I am looking forward to it enormously, as a chance to gather some valuable material for my never ending series of seaside paintings, but also as a opportunity to recharge the batteries and have a little time away from the everyday.
Harbour at Night by Mary Kemp
Available .

Two years ago on a similar trip we went for a stroll along Blakeney Harbour in Norfolk after supper, the moon was out and the air was still and warm and this is the picture I painted in oils in response to that wonderful balmy late June evening.

The weather promises to be good this year, perhaps a little too good, so I'm packing the sun cream  and can't wait to go!

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