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Monday, 15 June 2015

Tony Nero at Peterborough City Art Gallery 2015

When ever I see Tony Nero he's smiling. It's not just that he's pleased to see me ( and I'm sure he is) but he's the sort of person who smiles all the time, and that comes across in his art.
Tony Nero

Last Thursday I went to the preview of his solo exhibition Mixed Emotions at Peterborough City Art Gallery which is on now until July 8th. It was a very well attended jolly event and even hosted a steel drum player, something I don't think the gallery has seen before!

Tony is an artist who has a broad subject base so I was pleased to see for this exhibition he had narrowed it down to a strong theme , a series of portraits, hence the title Mixed Emotions.

Painted on honest to goodness stretched canvas ( no fancy frames here) they showed an directness and interest in his subjects, painted with a straight forward dexterity. I felt Tony stopped painting when he'd got the likeness he wanted. Something I wish other artists would do.

What I liked:

I particularly liked the hanging of the paintings. the grouping of the blue paintings together, and the mixture of baby portraits with grown ups worked very well.

My favourite pictures were:
Tony Nero. Blue Paintings.

"Crazy in Blue" an open mouthed shout.

Tony Nero. Wall of portaits.

"Quiet Introspection" serious pondering by a local councillor  juxtapositioned with
"Scream of Sudden Tears" from a lovely alarmed baby.

A thoroughly enjoyable exhibition! Thank you Tony.

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