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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Peterborough Artists' Open Studios 2016 Steps Up a Gear!

The open studio movement has been alive and well in Peterborough for over 15 years.
Intrepid, sociable artists have flung open their doors to the general public through out the city and beyond during 3 weekends in the summer.

For the past two years

Friday, 24 June 2016

Every Artist Needs an Inspiration Wall.

Sometimes inspiration walks with you all the way, hand in hand, and guides you through the day. More often than not it deserts you and crosses the road.
We all know you can't just sit in the studio and wait for an idea to hit you in the face. You've got to have a multitude of  projects up your sleeve.
And then again it's nice to be surrounded by lots of little somethings that nudge your elbow along the way.
I have an inspiration wall. My eyes rest upon it when I'm dithering over which paintbrush to use. ( I have 184 brushes by the way) On this wall I put postcards, scraps torn from the newspaper, any old drawing, pages from catalogues.
You get the picture!

This is the picture I'm looking at most at the moment. It's a portrait of Florence by Harold Knight. So beautifully and sensitively rendered, part of the story that was woven around Alfred Munnings.
I look at the colours and how the foliage dances in the light. I know my skills don't match such expertise, and it should make me feel a bit depressed, but it doesn't.
I shall keep on trying.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Saturday Live Demo at Art in the Heart Peterborough.

Why do I say I'll do these things?
I'm the shy retiring type. Give me a quiet corner and a few paints, canvas and brushes/palette knives and I'm gently content.
Lovely hot day at
Patchings Festival 2016
Of course it's fascinating to watch other people paint. I do it all the time, whenever  the chance occurs, the latest being a truly inspiring day spent at the Patchings Festival last week. Bright marquees full of wonderful artwork with many of the artists demonstrating.

So now it's my turn.
In a smaller setting, but I'll do my best at the wonderful
Art in the Heart in Peterborough.

This is me two years ago.

I've been associated with this gallery since its inception and here I am again on Saturday, standing up outside, weather permitting, doing my stuff. If it's raining or cold I'll be indoors! I don't know what I'll be painting yet. Palette knives may be involved, and now I come to think of it the seaside has a fair chance of reaching the canvas.

Saturday 18th June, midday til 4.00pm. Art in the Heart, Bridge Street, Peterborough.
See you there!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ginger Cat in the Picture!

Over the years I have painted our cats quite a lot. We're down to one sadly, after being the servants of three, but now only Ginger is left to be waited upon.

I took this photo of him earlier yesterday, standing guard over my sketching kit. (In truth he wanted some food.)

Ginger and sketching kit.
I thought I would share with you some of the paintings of him.
Mary Kemp.
Ginger with Lilac.
Prints available
Mary Kemp.
Ginger and Peonies.

Prints available

I don't know why he likes sitting on tables. Perhaps it's so I can draw him!
Mary Kemp.
Cat on the Table.
Original available
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Drawings from Norfolk.

As I write this it is bucketing down with rain and I am reduced to raiding the fridge for chocolate.
What a contrast to last week when I indulged in  a break by the seaside with my beloved , and came home with some drawings and several ideas for paintings.
In this sketch I came across a hill clothed in all manner of wild flowers, and when I walked through the early morning rabbits scampered out of the way, and birds called loudly overhead.

Blakeney marshes are luscious in the summer when the grass is strong and green, but when it gets to winter there's nowhere quite as bleak and forsaken.
I've used gel pen and coloured pencils for these drawings, a very portable drawing kit. See this post about what I take with me when drawing.
The Manor Hotel in Blakeney in Norfolk where we stayed. I sat out on the marshes and drew quickly.